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Rental Application Form

Rental Application Form

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Rental Ad

Do you need a new house in Thailand? 
Take a look a this Rental Ad.

Or this:

One Bedroom Flat

Well decorated and maintained large top floor Flat in quiet Georgian House. Residential street away from commercial traffic. Shops, local pub and circular bus route at end of street. Walking distance to City Centre. Open views from East and West facing windows. Large rooms with period features. Fitted wardrobes in Bedroom with queen size bed (optional). Well fitted and equipped Galley Kitchen. Bathroom has shower and bath. Gas Central Heating and HW. EPC Band C. Council Tax Band B.

Two Bedroom Flat

A smart, clean and newly decorated large 2 bed property. 2nd floor (top floor). Gas central heating and double glazed. Large bright bedrooms with good storage. Nice modern bathroom including shower. Close (10 min walk) to town centre, train station and on major bus routes. On street parking. Washing machine included. Small, private, secure, shared, low maintenance back garden with decking area.

2 Bed House
A lovely 2 bedroom property in quiet residential area. One large double bedroom and a good sized single bedroom. Modern bathroom with bath and overhead shower. Large light family lounge. Kitchen recently refitted. All rooms have central heating radiators and a brand new boiler. Fully double glazed and loft insulated. Low energy LED down lights fitted in kitchen and bathroom. Low maintenance gravel front garden with off road parking. Secure back garden with enclosed lawn and two mature apple trees. Very close to bus routes, shops and schools.

Taken from: https://www.propertyletbyus.com/rent-your-property/rental-advert-templates/

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Learning Activity 2- TASK 2 – Actividad de Aprendizaje 2 - Things to do in my hometown

Learning Activity 2- STAGE 2 - Things to do in my Hometown

Cosas que hacer en mi ciudad natal

Escribe una presentación sobre las cosas que se pueden hacer en tu pueblo tomando el dialogo “Christine’s hometown is fun” como  ejemplo. Si lo puedes hacer con un familiar o amigo sería excelente pero si no, también puedes hacer un monologo sobre las actividades que se pueden hacer en tu ciudad para divertirse.

El vídeo para esta conversación se encuentra dando click en el siguiente enlace:

Things to do in Leisure Time

Go to the cinema - to see Hollywood blockbuster movies, Bollywood movies (from India), art films, animated films. You can also say go to the movies. Some film categories are: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Action, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Fantasy, Documentary, Musical.
Watch TV - Different types of television programs are: The News, Soap Operas, Criminal Investigation Dramas, Medical Dramas, Reality TV, Situation Comedies (Sit-Coms), Talk Shows, Documentaries, Cartoons, Game Shows, Sports programs, Movies, Political programs, Religious programs.
Spend time with family - You can do many things with your family. Usually, the fact that you are together is more important than the activity.
Go out with friends - You can also do many things with your friends, like go out to a bar, go dancing at a club, have dinner at a restaurant, play a sport, sit down and talk, go out for a  coffee, have a barbecue, or any other activity that you all enjoy. Or sometimes when you don't do anything specific, you can say hang out with friends.
Surf the internet - On the internet, you can research a topic you are interested in using a search engine, visit your favourite websites, watch music videos, create your own video and upload it for other people to see, maintain contact with your friends using a social networking site, write your thoughts in a blog, learn what is happening in the world by reading news websites, etc.
Play video games - You can play games on your computer or on a game consoles, like PlayStation, X-Box, Wii, PSP, Gameboy, etc. You can play on your own or with your friends or family.
Play a musical instrument - Learn to play the piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute, piano accordion, mouth organ, panpipes, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, etc. You can play on your own or with a group, such as a band or an orchestra.
Listen to music - Turn up the volume and listen to your favourite type of music, such as pop, rock, hip hop, rhythm & blues, blues, jazz, classical, soul, heavy metal.
Read - Many people love to read both fiction and non-fiction books and magazines. If you like fiction, you can read novels, short stories, crime fiction, romance, etc. If you like non-fiction, you can read biographies, autobiographies, or books on history, science, philosophy, religion, or any other topic you are interested in.
Write - Many people like to write in their diary. Another name for a diary is a journal. You can also write many other things, such as poetry, novels, letters, short stories, etc. (See under Read for more options).
Go to the park - You can go to the park alone, with family or with friends. You can take a picnic rug and a picnic basket and have a picnic. You can read, sleep, kick a football around, climb trees or play on the children's playground.
Go to cultural locations and events - There are many types of cultural locations and events. You can go to the museum, to an art gallery or to the zoo to see animals from around the world. You can go to concerts, plays, musicals, dance recitals and opera performances.
Go shopping - Many people like to go to shopping malls and areas of the city that are known for shopping to buy clothes or items for their houses and gardens.
Cook - Many people like to cook different types of food. You can make meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can bake cakes, cookies, slices and pastries in the oven. Some people boast that they have a special recipe - ask them to cook it for you!
Study something - There are many things that you can study just because you find it interesting! You can study a language; you can learn a skill, such as cooking or making furniture; or you can even study the hieroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians, if you want to!
Art and crafts - There are many, many arts and crafts that you can learn and practice. You can paint, draw, sew, crochet, knit, sculpt, engrave, make furniture, make jewelry, or you can even create your own new art form!
Gardening - You can plant flowers, vegetables or herbs and maintain your garden by watering it, pulling the weeds and feeding it with fertilizer.
Exercise and play a sport - To stay fit and healthy, you can do exercise alone, such as swimming or working out at a gym, or you can play a team sport, such as football or basketball. For more information on sports and exercise, go to our Sports Page.

Free Time Activities - English Vocabulary

Free time = The time when you are not working, when you can choose what you do.

Free time = leisure time

Tomado de: http://www.vocabulary.cl/Lists/Free_Time_Activities.htm

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3. http://www.elllo.org/english/0901/T928-Naomi-FreeTime.htm
4. http://englishwilleasy.com/english-through-pictures/people-english-through-pictures/leisure-activities/

5. http://quizlet.com/35651/spanish-leisure-activities-flash-cards/

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My Family & Interests


Anthony is an English apprentice who has a new e-friend. They have contact in a social network but Isabella wants to know more about Anthony’s family. Read his e-mail and answer the questions below.

To: Isabella.rossi@hotmail.com
Subject: About me and my Family
Hello Isabella,  
It’s nice to meet you, I like to practice my English with you. I write to you to tell you about me and my family. I really love them. I live with all my family in a really big house. My parents are Giovanni and Jessica, they are 50 and 45 years old; they are a physician and a nurse. I have 2 brothers and a sister: David, Julian and Katherine. They go to the university to study engineering and biology and Katherine goes to school with me. We are a very unique family: my brothers like rock music, books and cats but Katherine and I like pop music, TV series and dogs. They like to play football and to go to concerts, we prefer to go to the cinema and to read magazines. My parents hate to stay at home, so we go out a lot, my brothers love that but we don’t.
We are also very different in our looks. David and Katherine are tall and thin, Julian and I are short and average weight. Katherine and I have blue eyes and dark hair; David and Julian have brown eyes and light brown hair.  Maybe we look very different because our parents are very different too. My mom is short and has blue eyes and blond hair, she is a bit fat. My dad is really tall, he has brown eyes and hair. Next time I write, I can send you a picture of us.
Isabella, my family has a profile in www.ShareIt.com, it is called ´The Smiths´. David and Julian have a section, they write about singers, bands and guitarists. Katherine and I write about American famous sitcoms and other TV shows. My mom and dad always write about their work and children, they never talk about anything fun. Now I want to know more about you, tell me about you and your family.
Your’s faithfully,




NAME:  Hector Jaime Higuita Tuberquia
AGE:  I am 36 years old
NATIONALITY: I am from Medellín. I am Colombian
MARITAL STATUS: I am married.
LIKES: I like to read and to play basketball.
DISLIKES: I dislike negative and selfish people.

Esta es la dirección URL de un blog de ejemplo  de como debe quedar el de ustedes:



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Questionary Work and Study

1. What do you do?

I am a business person
 I am a secretary
I am an architect
I am a student
I am an archivist.
I am a teacher

2. Where do you work?
I work for Uniban
I work for Corrugados
I work for SENA
I work in a factory (Corrugados)
I work at (in) a school.
I work in a restaurant.

3. What do you do exactly?
I coordinate the staff.
I file documents.
I prepare and hand coffee.
I receive customers and clients.

4.  How do you like your job?
I like it (my job) a lot.
I don’t like it.
I hate it.
I love my job (I adore my job)

5. Where do you study?
I study in SENA
I attend classes in SENA
I go to SENA

6. What do you study?
I study enterprise management.

7. What time do you leave your home everyday?
I go to work at  6:00 a.m.
I go to study at 6:45 a.m.
8. How do you spend your day?
(3) Activities
I work from 10 am until 6 pm.
I have lunch at 1:00 p.m.
I go to bed at 12:30 a.m.

9. When do you get home?
I get home at 6:30 p.m.
I return home at 7:00 p.m.
I arrive home at 8:00 p.m.

10.                    How often do you do you get drunk?
11.                    How often do you do you drink coffee?
12.                    How often do you do you read newspapers?
13.                    How often do you do you visit your parents?

I always drink coffee.
I almost always _____________
I sometimes _____________
I often _____________
I very often _____________
I usually _____________
I almost never _____________
I never _____________